UBudgie 19.10 ⋅ gthumb ⋅ window size by default


whenever I need to check a picture, gthumb always opens like this :

It’s too little !
And prevents drop down menu from working : not complete + here if I click on preferences, nothing happens ( because it’s outside of parent window ? ).

Of course I can maximize or drag it bigger, but on next launch it appears back with little size.

Is this expected behavior - I don’t remind that on 18.04 ?

Same issue, it was driving me crazy. Hopefully this is solved in 20.04.

Not sure it’s solved - it was not when I have tested today in a live version ( with gthumb and …drawing ? )

If its reproducible on 20.04 then please raise an issue on the gthumb issue tracker

If launched first from Budgie Menu, Gthumb behaves as expected and reminds its window size.

If launched ( and quited ) from a picture file, it does not remind its window size.

Please put that info into your bug report upstream. thx

Just checking, did you open a new bug? I couldn’t find it here: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gthumb/-/issues?scope=all&utf8=✓&state=opened

edit: never mind, after launching gThumb and resizing the window, it stays the same when you close it and open pictures directly. Tested on 20.04.1.

oops sorry, I forget about it.

And as @zilexa reports, it seems ok with 20.04 today.