[Bug] Drag and drop pictures

I used to be able to drag and drop pictures, ex: open png drag and drop on slack to upload, drag and drop to browser to open in browser etc.

I am using gthumb at the moment, can you guys drag and drop pictures from gthumb on your pc?

Not at home, but I just tested in a VM with ubuntu-budgie 18.10. I can reproduce the bug:
You can’t drag and drop the image from the view, but it works when you drag and drop the image from the thumbnail viewer.

To confirm, I tried on my workstation, xubuntu 16.04, and the bug is not present. you can pick the image from the view (and also from the thumbnailviewer).

3rd test with a VM with xubuntu 18.10. I reproduce the bug.

It seems to be a bug/regression in gthumb 3.6.1 (in 18.10) in regard of what was possible in 3.4.3 (in 16.04)


Pretty sure I had it in 18.04 as well, just didn’t bother me enough to report it.

Please report the issue here https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gthumb

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opened https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gthumb/issues/24