Suggestion: Replace Drawing for Pinta
Until the 4th of August 2020, no new Pinta version had been released in 5 years. But the program was “finished” and WAY better than Drawing, while still providing the same simple UI and limiting itself to simple options just like Drawing.

Following my discussion here about JPEGs incorrectly opening in Drawing by default since UB 20.04, and not showing photos since they are extremely zoomed in, something that will be fixed in 20.10 (photos will open in gThumb by default again just like previous versions), I would like to suggest to replace Drawing for Pinta.

No. Pinta is too large with a heavy mono set of libraries. It’s dead weight on an iso.


They are not zoomed in, they are shown at their real 1:1 pixel size.

And very most of the time, a photo is bigger than 1920x1080px, common screen size.

I suspect with something that is beyond an image viewer, people are going to be quite opinionated as to what the default is. The reality is, when it comes to image manipulation, I think most will install either what they already know, or what has the toolset they require. For me, I know I repace with my image editore of choice mostly because I can do my image edits on what I am familiar with already (quickly).

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Yes, why not, that’s what « non beginner » users do, because they know how…

But having Drawing opening jpg by default is not a sane default - as long as Drawing can’t scale / zoom to show the entire picture.
See this → .deb packages open via zip file manager by default → As is, it’s not practical at all, as a viewer or editor.

Image manipulation, that’s not the issue here. It’s about simply viewing your photos.

I also believe the default should be an image viewer with light editing capabilities: cropping, highlighting, possible effects… The likes of gthumb, Shotwell. Not an image editor though.

In these, you see your image 1:1 until it’s bigger than your window, then it resizes it proportionnally to the vertical or horizontal detected limit.

That’s expected behaviour. Even Eye-of-Gnome does that.

But please no Pinta (Mono and feels heavy), Drawing or Krita (KDE dependencies) for default.

I will repeat what I said in the linked thread (
.deb packages open via zip file manager by default - #34 by zilexa)

Let me reiterate. This is a bug (opening pictures in drawing). It will be fixed in due course in 20.04 once we have confirmation that the changes in the linked thread haven’t caused further regressions.

It wasn’t clear in the linked thread what bug you were talking about. I thought you meant the way Drawing handles pictures. Not the use of Drawing as default per se.

So, if using Drawing is the bug, which app will be used by default when fixed?

The existing image viewer - gthumb

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Oh, so there’s already a default image viewer. The bug was just for one file extension type then? Sorry if the penny only dropped now. :sweat_smile:
Gthumb is the default I picked on all my systems (GTK), it’s a solid choice.

OK that makes total sense.
Luckily there is a flatpak version out there (perhaps also AppImage) which keeps your system clean. But I do understand it cannot be part of Budgie by default.