Image and Photo viewing software (Poll)

By default in 18.04 we ship gthumb as our image and photoviewer.

We need feedback as to whether this should be replaced/supplemented by either Shotwell or GNOME Photos.

GNOME Photos we originally shipped in 16.04 & 17.04 but we dropped due to its Tracker dependencies. Tracker probably will be included in 18.10 due to Nautilus 3.30 changes - so GNOME Photos could be a viable choice again.

Shotwell we have not considered before - but development has restarted with some exciting new features.

So what do you think - what software (if any) should we ship for viewing images and photos?

  • Shotwell
  • GNOME Photos
  • gThumb
  • Other (tell us below)
  • None

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Shotwell is a bad idea unless they fixed their photo import (and editing) and changed it to be non-destructive.

Why is it destructive?

I love the idea of exciting new features. You can only ruin photos if you work on the original copy.

Nomacs: similar Irfanview for Windows’ users, but in a certain way close to it.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nomacs/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nomacs

This is a really nice looking app. And the features are pretty nice too.

  • Supporting RAW and PSD
  • Since nomacs 3, you can change the background image which is displayed on start-up. You just need to place an image called ‘bg.png’ into a folder together with your nomacs binary
  • batch processing
  • slide show
  • image editing
  • V3.8 is already in the default repos.