Photo viewer for HEIC (Apple) Photos?

So I did what I needed to in order to install gthumb 3.12.2 because I already had gthumb and had read that there was support for HEIC built into 3.12.

However when I open a file it just displays a little mountain icon in the center with the file name underneath as did my previous version of gthumb.

I don’t know if I am missing something with getting that to work, or if I should just try a different image viewer. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Hmm … looking at the news upstream there is no mention of heic but it does mention heif which is in the default jammy version … is that what you are referring to?

This is a somewhat decent laymans description. If you get a ways down it explains the HEIF HEIC connection.

They do however make a funny typo of Lice photos instead of Live lol.

Like many things Apple, I do not find this to be actually true in practice outside the apple ecosystem. What I find is that some of the photos are .jpg and some are .heic and the live photos are .MOV videos when pulled from the device.

So the apple devices do not capture and store all their images in .heic / .heif when set to do so. But they do store some. I did not realize they were set this way even until I went pulling data copies when we started the phone changing process.

Anyways, I cannot view any of the images that I have pulled that are .heic extension with gthumb. Also same thing with image viewer/eye of gnome. It makes me think I am missing some support package maybe since I am still in 20.04 LTS

Does installing this package help?


If gthumb doesnt work then try eog when the above package is installed.

I installed it. Same thing

Haven’t tried too much because I had to install 20.04 last night, but early findings…. Following the steps given, opening .heic files is sporadic. Like if I browse the device directly, gthumb works fine. If I copy the files to the pc, gthumb is very hit-or-miss as to whether it opens them. Some it opens fine, most are broken images. Installing the package @fossfreedom mentioned made no difference, and installing libheif mentioned somewhere else also had no effect.

On 22.04, .heic images work correctly out of the box. Only issue is if you edit an image using gthumb, it can’t be saved as .heic. But gthumb and Nemo thumbnails work.

Still playing around though…

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Sounds like a good excuse to make time to upgrade to 22.04

I don’t remember my last upgrade. If I upgraded from 20.04 instead of clean install, would I have to redo all the customization I did? I can’t remember now. Been some years.

Does not Gimp support heic format ?
It’s v2.10.18 in 20.04 so too old for heic but you may upgrade to 2.10.32 using this ppa.
It’s v2.10.30 in 22.04 - or you may upgrade with same ppa.

Absolutely avoid snap package of gimp : many things don’t work as expected with it ( thumbnails ) and is often a bit late.

Gimp team « officially » provides its work through flatpak.

Well I upgraded to 22.04 and the issue is the same. Does not matter if it is on a usb or saved to the drive. Same thing.

Gimp will open them so they are not damaged. But Gimp is more of a singular picture editor than an image viewer for thumbing through old photos.

I’m kind of stumped. Gthumb just opens and displays the little mountain icon with the file name below it. Eye of Gnome or Image Viewer says unrecognized file format. gpicview works fine but for whatever reason the arrows don’t advance on to the next picture. I may have to try setting it as the default to see if I can navigate.

Rather annoying. They made big news of this working in gthumb and for some reason it doesn’t.

hmm - the heic images here display in gthumb just fine for me
GitHub - tigranbs/test-heic-images: Test Heic images for trying out this format - do they for you?

Can you share a heic image you are having an issue with?

OK that’s voodoo!!!

I used that link, downloaded one of the images, right clicked and selected open with gthumb and it displayed. I went back to images on the drive and on the usb stick and it works fine now.

I can’t wrap my head around this. Was it maybe because gthumb was my default image viewer so I had always just been double clicking to open them and after once clicking open with gthumb that caused it to start working?

LOL I was going to upload a pic, but you can’t upload heic here. So here’s a screenshot. Really glad it works. Now I can gthumb through some old pictures.