Anyone Use overGrive?

As asked in the title, anyone use overGrive? How well does it work/integrate with the Budgie desktop?Any other impressions, warnings, caveats, etc.?

Looks interesting. Have not tried it though. I have been using insynchq. Going to check this out!

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Felt in love with this recently !

And for people who need 250 gig free on the cloud, encrypted

Need to specify that : no internet access, you don’t have access to your Data… They will change that in the future

I just wish they supported encryption. Haha.

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Is overGrive being maintained? I don’t think any of these Google Drive clients for Linux are up to date. All the ones I have tried are really slow, as in taking a minute or more to index and display Google Drive contents. I use DropBox for syncing.

I wish someone could get the Google Drive and Photos official sync client working on Wine. I actually reached out to the CrossOver folks who got Office working on Wine and they said they aren’t going to work on that sync client, unfortunately…

All I want with Google Drive is something that will (quickly) mount the Google Drive, like the Chrome OS File Manager does, not actually sync files. Sadly, that doesn’t exist yet…

I have used Insync for years and love it. It is constantly maintained with frequent updates, and I have never had a issue. Yes, it is a one-time fee of $30 but you can try it free for 15 days. It is worth it.

I use insynchq too, works really well.

Yea Insync works really really well been using it for quite some time and it has been flawless, the native Gnome drive function works reasonably well of late too but not as good as Insync

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Were you playing balistic overkill last night with the DL guys?

Who are you asking? I was a few nights ago… They’re really good, actually… Kicked me around the arena!

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Oops. Acidmonkey was who I replied to. I thought it would show in a thread. Haha. I only played last night.

Yes that’s me :slight_smile:

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