Unable to enable nautilus-nextcloud on Ubuntu Budgie desktop

Hi Friends!
I’ve installed “nautilus-nextcloud” the Nextcloud integration for Nautilus, but it doesn’t seem to work, no sync icon and no context menu.

If, on the other hand, I perform Nautilus with the “–no-desktop” option all is working fine.
Is this, a bug? Is it possible to use nautilus-nextcloud with Ubuntu Budgie?

Many thanks!


Seems you are not alone - and from this report not specific to the budgie desktop

Why not install nemo-nextcloud desktop client?

When you add the repository, it even states the different versions you can install.

Since you use Budgie and Budgie comes with Nemo, not Nautilus, it would make sense to install the correct version.

It works fine here btw, with sync icons.

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sudo apt install nemo-nextcloud

does the trick!

Thanks, I’m new of Budgie and I didn’t know about the difference!