App Store and privileges to a user

I think there may be a bug in 20.04 app store. I have downloaded 2 different apps, VS Code and Libra Office. Both had access issues to system resources and user folders. I uninstalled them and reinstalled using terminal commands, and everything worked fine. I have had issues in the past with this type of issue when installing from snap, and wonder if this is now the issue since the store is now powered by snap. Anyone else having issues?

Generally I personally dont use these types of apps as a snap.

The snap store is optional… but if you have been with us through the beta you may have the snap store installed accidentally. You can snap remove that and reinstall gnome-software if you want. Or use synaptic … or just the terminal

Synaptic Package Manager Is Great Tool… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s not an issue - this is how snap work by default purposely. It’s part of what people see as safety and sandboxing. For example chromium browser as a snap can only access the ~/Downloads folder, nothing else.

You may grant snap permission to access other folders and partitions :
sudo snap connect that_snap_app:removable-media
which is actually very much needed by app’s like LibreOffice or Gimp or any kind of editor…

In Ubuntu 20.04 you should find in « settings » a section for managing app’s permissions through a quite friendly UI - I hope it has landed in UBudgie too @fossfreedom ?

If your app of choice is not available as a « legacy » .deb package, be aware that each snap ( or flatpak ) packaged app requires you to manage their permissions to access folders, partitions, devices…

Also remind that Ubuntu’s-app-store ( software ) shows snap in priority, on top of the list, even when a .deb is also available ( the latter will appear in third or fifth position in the proposed list ). It’s a petty trap.

And last, know that snap don’t store their config and settings in usual places ( such as ~/.config or ~/.local/share ) but inside ~/snap/app_name


unless no other choice, don’t use snap ( or flatpak ) and always prefer the good old .deb packages coming from official and curated repositories of your distribution. They are much easier to manage, faster to use, and lighter on storage.

Think you are referring to settings via gnome-software

No, no, am referring to #13 here

Advanced apps permissions in settings.