About snap and repository apps

I m using Ubuntu Budgie 18.04.

I cant install any app snap (likes spotify), it is not avaible on my store. When I try install it from the Spotify website, I have a message: “dont know how to handle snap//spotify”
Its happening with others apps, that I try install on Tilix (Opera Browser and others from repository)

Someone can help me? (PS: I’m new to Ubuntu, and I know almost nothing.)

In a terminal type the following to check if snap support is installed

sudo apt --reinstall install snapd

Btw. Usually all these apps are available from the software centre accessible from the menu. You don’t usually need to install from a website.

Yes, but the apps are not appearing on store.

I’ve use the command, it reinstaled http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic/main i386 snapd i386 2.32.5+18.04 [9.179 kB]
I m gonna restart PC and test again.

If it’s not appearing in the software store this might just be a bug … You appear to be using 32bit Ubuntu budgie. So that might be an issue the canonical devs will need to be made aware of.

Please report it to launchpad

ubuntu-bug gnome-software

Thanks. I reported my bug to Canonical, now, i have to wait. :frowning:

I presume this is the bug report?


I see from the bug report that your computer definitely can run the 64bit ISO - so that is the recommended install for your computer.

Yes, its my report.

I installed 32bit cause I was having problems with Ubuntu (normal) 18.04 64bit.
I m gonna try install Budgie 64bit today (or tomorrow), and after I will tell you my results.

Thanks for pay atention for me. lol

Today, with 64bits version, everything is working normal.