Cannot install anything from budgie welcome

Tried to install Chromium, Chrome, and Budgie themes but I get an error like “Failed installation of EvoPop theme”.

jake@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt update
Hit:1 focal InRelease
Hit:2 focal-updates InRelease
Hit:3 focal-security InRelease
Hit:4 focal-backports InRelease
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
All packages are up to date.
jake@ubuntu:~$ budgie-welcome
grep: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntubudgie-ubuntu-backports-focal.list: No such file or directory
/snap/ubuntu-budgie-welcome/156/usr/bin/budgie-welcome:654: PyGTKDeprecationWarning: Using positional arguments with the GObject constructor has been deprecated. Please specify keyword(s) for "parent, flags, message_type, buttons, message_format" or use a class specific constructor. See:
  messagedialog = Gtk.MessageDialog(None,
/snap/ubuntu-budgie-welcome/156/usr/bin/budgie-welcome:654: PyGTKDeprecationWarning: The keyword(s) "message_format" have been deprecated in favor of "text" respectively. See:
  messagedialog = Gtk.MessageDialog(None,
/snap/ubuntu-budgie-welcome/156/usr/bin/budgie-welcome:654: PyGTKDeprecationWarning: The "flags" argument for dialog construction is deprecated. Please use initializer keywords: modal=True and/or destroy_with_parent=True. See:
  messagedialog = Gtk.MessageDialog(None,
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/snap/ubuntu-budgie-welcome/156/usr/lib/budgie-welcome/budgie-welcome-privileged-actions", line 226, in <module>
    retval = install(fname, code)
  File "/snap/ubuntu-budgie-welcome/156/usr/lib/budgie-welcome/budgie-welcome-privileged-actions", line 124, in install
    info = pdata.getPackageInfo(fname, code)
  File "/snap/ubuntu-budgie-welcome/156/usr/lib/budgie-welcome/budgie-welcome-privileged-actions", line 193, in getPackageInfo
    release_code = platform.dist()[2]    # → xenial, yakkety, zesty
AttributeError: module 'platform' has no attribute 'dist'
[Apt] Reloading cache... 
[Apt] Cache reloaded.

thanks for the report. Looks like focal and the python version bump has removed the “dist” method.

This will need fixing.

ok - browser installation has now been fixed.

Run in a terminal the following to refresh all snaps installed.

snap refresh

Any packages (budgie applets and themes) will not be installable on 20.04 yet. Those packages will be made available in the next few weeks.

applets and themes should now be installable from budgie welcome for 20.04