Software Center missing

Latest update to 20.04 seems to have removed the software center. Can’t access it from the menu or Budgie Welcome.

Have you got Ubuntu also installed i.e. GNOME Shell?

Ubuntu have deliberately removed ubuntu-software for their snap store app.

Just Ubuntu Budgie installed.
Budgie Welcome is still pointing to the software center.
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘gnome-software’
Budgie Welcome opens but the snap store menu item opens up something with transparency set to 100% and no programs listed.

I’ve checked today’s live ISO and also installed the latest 20.04 updates - the Live ISO still has gnome-software installed - and today’s updates hasn’t removed gnome-software

So I don’t know what you’ve done.

What’s the output of:

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt install gnome-software

Start-Date: 2020-04-08 19:58:25
Commandline: aptdaemon role=‘role-commit-packages’ sender=’:1.105’
Upgrade: libvncclient1:amd64 (0.9.12+dfsg-8, 0.9.12+dfsg-9), fontconfig-config:amd64 (2.13.1-2ubuntu2, 2.13.1-2ubuntu3), apport:amd64 (2.20.11-0ubuntu24, 2.20.11-0ubuntu25), fontconfig:amd64 (2.13.1-2ubuntu2, 2.13.1-2ubuntu3), python3-apport:amd64 (2.20.11-0ubuntu24, 2.20.11-0ubuntu25), libfontconfig1:amd64 (2.13.1-2ubuntu2, 2.13.1-2ubuntu3), apport-gtk:amd64 (2.20.11-0ubuntu24, 2.20.11-0ubuntu25), python3-problem-report:amd64 (2.20.11-0ubuntu24, 2.20.11-0ubuntu25)
Remove: gnome-software-plugin-snap:amd64 (3.35.91-0ubuntu1), gnome-software:amd64 (3.35.91-0ubuntu1), gnome-software-plugin-flatpak:amd64 (3.35.91-0ubuntu1)
End-Date: 2020-04-08 19:58:34

See thru snap store

the top left says “snap store”?

looks like you have the ubuntu-software snap installed - not the debian package gnome-software.

That is the snap store. I was just showing the transparency.
I reinstalled Software with “sudo apt install gnome-software”

sounds like a bug with the snap store.

From here it looks like you can report against gnome-software for snap issues

ubuntu-bug gnome-software

Will do and Thank You as always.

Snap-store is probably expecting yaru as theme ( or whatever is the Ubuntu default theme ) packaged in snap, hence the transparency problem.

Are Budgie default themes and icons available as snap packages ?

Adapta theme and Papirus are, so you can « connect » and apply these to any snap applications.

Snap ( too ) are thorny.

Not yet. But as we understand in the next few weeks theme and icon changes will be made much easier for snaps. We can then package our default themes easily - once the snap is installed, all snaps then can be themed will automatically pick up our theme and icons.

snap list
to see snap packages installed on your system.

There should be something like gtk-common-themes

So now you have 2 software store installed on your system :
⋅ the snap one with broken theme
⋅ and the regular .deb one, full functional ?

You may get rid of the snap one with
sudo snap remove snap-store

in theory - any snap that is expecting a specific theme will also download that additional snap - it should then default to “adwaita” if the host theme isnt in gtk-common-themes. So that is probably the bug or bugs - either gtk-common-themes wasnt also installed automatically - or no default theme was applied by the snap store

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gtk-common-themes 0.1-29-g45e78c5 is shown as installed.