Automating the install of Ubuntu Budgie

From 24.04 the default installer has the ability to be automated.

On the installer screen where you decide to-do an interactive or automated install, the automated install has a field where you enter a URL.

This URL should point to the instructions for the automation. This is in the text formal called Yaml

For example

NOTE: for Github you need to click the “Raw” website button to get a URL that the installer can read.

Have a look at the example - its fairly self explanatory. It instructions for all the instruction variations you can perform automatically is here:

Detail is here:

Note: I’ve asked about how to remove snaps - this is work-in-progress. i.e. you can automatically install snaps but you cannot (as of writing) remove existing snaps - so you have to post install this aspect.

Do let us know about your automated install adventures here - share your links to your autoinstall.yaml file.

Have fun!