Battery indicator not showing

I’ve got both the indicator and system tray applets on my top bar. But it doesn’t show the battery indicator.

If I bring up the Settings programme and select Power it shows my battery status - % charge and time remaining. Similarly if I load the Power Statistics programme it gives the full breakdown for the battery - the device is called battery_BAT0, state is dicharging, etc. etc. So the kernel clearly recognises the battery.

Any ideas why the indicator isn’t showing?

Hi and welcome

the battery indicator is displayed via the “Status Indicator” applet - please check that the panel has got that applet.

If in doubt - reset your panel to get back to a vanilla layout which will include the status indicator

nohup budgie-panel --reset --replace &

Thanks. Strangely, the User Indicator applet wasn’t showing in the list of available applets. But that reset command did the trick.