Best way to copy the whole OS from one system to another

This month I will be getting a new laptop and would like to keep everything I have on this laptop and just clone it to the new laptop.

I have 2 drives on this one, one with Windows 10 and one with Ubuntu Budgie. I only wish to copy the Ubuntu Budgie.

What are the steps necessary to clone the Ubuntu Budgie with same apps, settings etc to the new laptop and is it fine to do that or should I reinstall completely?


In the past I have used clonezilla. Just use the wizard and select the defaults to backup all partitions.

The on the new PC I booted a live image of UB and used parted to recreate exactly the same partition structure.

Then on the restore I selected the restore image and chose the partition with UB on.

Just make sure the hard drive you are restoring onto is equal to or larger than the partition you had backed up.

If you are using nvidia drivers then revert back to nouveau opensource drivers to ensure no xorg conf exists to stop your new graphics to work.

Lastly have handy on a USB drive a copy of boot repair to ensure grub is updated correctly and is repointed to the new restore partition.

I did that few days ago.

But using (gnome-)disks in live-session to create an .iso from a partition of one of my installed systems, onto an external drive.

Depending on partition size, may take hours.

Then, booted the other machine in a live-session again, used (gnome-)disks to restore the .iso previously saved on external drive.

Finally still from a live-session, indeed used boot-repair to fix grub ( cow file was missing in that situation ).

Beware it works if your whole initial system is on that only one partition. If it’s installed through many partitions - let’s say a / partition + a separate /home or DATA or /www partition - you’d have to create an .iso for each.

I just did this by accident last month. I retired my Dell Inspiron and put the SSD in an older Macbook: it booted without having to install anything! I’m sure that’s probably not what you mean though.

Yes @Jason it also works like that but then you get your older machine with a missing disk :wink:

Here the idea is to « clone » a working system from a machine ( system, applications, users, personal settings and data ) onto another machine, while keeping the first functional.