Brave browser bug when using "GTK+"

Brave uses chromium’s ui, but modded.

This is the problem, the address bar is weirdly colored. Changing the “Brave colors” to light or dark makes no difference.
Is this a Brave bug?
If yes, I can report it upstream.

I fail to see why this is a budgie issue. Can you please explain why you think it is?

No, that’s not what I meant.
I was saying it’s a Pocillo issue since other themes don’t have it.
I should have clarified, sorry :}

ah. in that case someone from the community will need to resolve. Brave isnt a default application so we dont have a direct interest in catching obscure app specific issues.

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I see, makes sense.
Since chromium works I’ll be asking if their GTK+ implementation is different and/or if they use a different widget. Then I’ll gather the appropriate CSS and submit upstream to Pocillo.
This isn’t a priority for me as I use the default Dark theme (the one ChromeOS uses), which interegates awesomely.

On my chrome happens the same thing