Global Menu Bold Application Name Bug

I have discovered a weird bug where the Global menu occasionally bolds the rightmost text instead of the application name. I have included several screenshots detailing this bug

Screenshot from 2021-03-05 16-32-02

Please raise global menu issues here o the maintainers issue tracker. Thx.

Or to the maintainer of gtk-theme in use ?

Do you have the same problem @MatthewDunk if you try with Pocillo theme for example ?

Good point. Yeah. Well worth checking if it’s a theme specific issue.

Yes, yes I did. Seems to be an issue regardless of theme

100% sure ? :smile: Pocillo - the default Budgie’s theme is expected to work with all applets whereas most other themes may be less friendly with Budgie applets hence my suggestion.

UbuntuBudgie version ? 20.04 ? 20.10 ? Else ?