The Global appmenu doesnt seem to be working in daily build as well as beta

the global appmenu doesnt seem to be working on the daily build and app menu what could be the issue, is anyone lese having this issue

You mean the normal budgie appmenu? It works fine on mine.

Working here - just installed a fresh release candidate ISO.

On installation I applied using budgie-welcome the cupertino layout, logged out and logged in.

Opened up libreoffice writer and the libreoffice menu was displayed in the panel

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Hi thanks, ya checked the rc now, its working :grinning:.

also is there a way to tightly integerate the apps with the top bar like this.

this is from normal ubuntu with a gazillion extensions and tweaks.

so that the title bar border comes around the app when windowed but goes away when maximised

Also thank you for the great release 22.04 budgie is perfect can feel the love and care that goes into it.
Its so accessible even my dad is using it and he is a windows guy.

keep it up :+1:

ok just found the pixel saver applet its perfect, thanks sorry for bothering you guys.

A bit out of topic, what are the extensions used in your Ubuntu ?
Is the global-menu always enabled or only for maximized window - I could like that…

And, the screenshot tool appears as a ghost on your picture, intended ?

hi, mainly fildem and unite for that topbar menu and close minimise buttons. vitals for the system resources, dash to dock.
big sur theme.

also gnome tweaks, extensions and just perfection.

Its sort of always enabled when you minimise the app window just gets a title bar and the menu stays in top bar,
ya i have transparency on all windows.

Also im on 21.10 on ubuntu yet to upgrade so dont if any of the extensions break in 22.04.