Global menu applet in 20.04 : only for maximised window?


I’ve finally upgraded from 19.10 to 20.04.

Here global menu is no longer truncated when left aligned and firefox + thunderbird are excluded, so these are 2 very welcomed fixes !

I may mismatch with other DE or other applet but wasn’t there an option to use global menu applet ONLY for maximized window ?

That sounds like a pixel saver option.

That sounds exactly right.

So, global-menu is only on or off, whatever window state. Weird I thought it was not like this before.

Is there a way to « exclude » non-maximized windows from global menu ?

'fraid don’t really know. I had a quick look at the upstream tracker but I didnt find anything useful via the search field.

Who knows ?

So Konstantin’s answer is : « this is too difficult to make without a WM intervention, but I do not think that WM intervention is a good idea »

I guess it’s not a good idea because global-menu is used through many WM ( Mutter here, XFwm there, Marco elsewhere, etc ) and it would be difficult for him to address all in once.

But if I wanted to do it myself in UbuntuBudgie where/what should I look for ?

Well that would be in the budgie desktop source code … I am guessing src/wm… but without knowing the in’s and out’s of how the global menu does its magic then I can’t really advise further.

Ok. There is no « easy » way to exclude all kinds of window type ( class ? ) except the maximized ones ?

Since the author mentioned window managers I imagine he is saying the applet needs a bit of help to understand when to remove the menu hence some sort of hint to be setup by budgie-WM that the applet can watch for to do stuff.

Now pixel saver can manage this window is maximised or not logic by itself … but probably in this case the window manager has to handle the menu removal rather than the applet making a ‘do it all the time global change’