Firefox bug with Global menu applet

When the applet is active it causes several bugs. For the sake of easy viewing I used the ademantary-theme but it happens with all themes.

The first two images, Firefox has title bar active, the two lines between the title bar and the tab area would house the menu bar if it were not in global form.

Think you should be using the firefox option in preferences to ensure that firefox is displaying the window control next to the tab. You save more pixels that way.

The third picture is how that is.

Global menu issues should be reported on the maintainers issue tracker.

I don’t think it’s an issue with Global menu applet. It’s just the way window controls are handled by the system - they need a title bar to be displayed.

Here’s my « customize tab » from FF in full-screen :

no window controls appear « inside » FF’s window because they are taken care of by pixelsaver applet, which put them into the top panel in case of maximized window.

Looks like this in non-maximized window :

What is that ? The Firefox’s CSD mode ? Not sure this mode lives well together with global menu applet nor pixel saver applet…

Try a theme that has a visible border line between the title bar and the application like Adementary-theme. If you see two lines the bug is there.

If you are saying that certain themes have this issue then it really is a theme issue. An applet shouldn’t have to recognise that a given theme has done something specifically.

It’s not a theme issue.
I can see the extra two pixels lines spawn when Firefox opens up. I’ve set an issue in the development page of the app menu and more people have the same bug.

So, do I have the bug you mentioned ?

I can see two pixels line in firefox indeed BUT windows control buttons find their expected place and no big empty line for them.
It’s a theme issue with firefox or adementary, not an issue regarding global-menu nor pixel-saver applets.

for reference and no, you can’t say more people have the same issue : it seems in your case global menu works. For the other person, global menu does not show up at all with firefox.

Uncheck titlebar option in Firefox customization tab.

Are you using the adementary-theme on the budgie panel? I’m getting theming issues with the pixel saver (already reported to theme developer).

Indeed… This just confirms what Fossfreedom and I suggest : it’s maybe not a problem with global menu applet, but rather with how firefox handles gtk theme and title bar. I guess vala-panel-menu’s dev’ can’t do much about that.

If you want windows control buttons at their sane place without gap, just use firefox’s title bar, and not its awkward kind-of-csd mode.

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There you’re right, all theme don’t support pixel-saver applet : pocillo, adapta and materia do. You should point admentary’s dev’ to these other themes to help him find out how to fix.

I’m working on a pull request fork of adapta’s budgie scss code for adementary. Already in the talks with the dev.
Thank you for reminding me of materia-theme. I forgot about it, much better and closer to adementary.

Hi guys!

I have the same problem here and I think this is a global menu applet problem. In short, when using gnome-shell, this issue doesn’t appear nor does it appear when global menu is disabled in Budgie Desktop.

To recreate the bug, disable pixel-saver and the Firefox titlebar (in Firefox customize menu) and enable Global Menu. Normally, an empty “titlebar” should appear above the tabs. For me, all themes are affected (a log out may be required in order for the bug to appear).

I think you can’t go against that… it’s not really a bug, it’s how menus and title bar work, at least in Firefox.

I guess if you re-enable Firefox « classic » titlebar, everything comes back to normal.

In order to work, global menu applet needs first an app window with « classic » menu built-in.

To say it otherwise : hackish ugly CSD mode in Firefox breaks global menu applet.

( and yes it’s just my opinion, anything CSD related, is most of the time hackish, ugly and counterintuitive )

Don’t use Firefox without its classic titlebar if you want to use global menu applet.

It doesn’t necessarily need a proper window with an appmenu to work, it just needs an appmenu. Sure, in most cases, the Global Menu will be used in with traditional titlebar-appmenu-content layout but it doesn’t necessarily need it. It just thought to be so because the applications using headerbars rarely use an appmenu at all. Some do however and work perfectly fine with Global Menu. gedit is the primary example. Enable Global Menu, fire it up and you will see a pretty File-Edit-View-Search-Tools-Documents-Help appear in your top panel.

In short, the menu bar doesn’t need to be drawn, it just need to be active…

I think the problem is Firefox is that they want the menubar to be drawn on command pressing Alt, even if it is hidden most of the time. When enabling Global Menu, I think it forces Firefox to draw an appmenu and thus either separate the titlebar from the content with this bar that can appear on some themes when using a titlebar or drawing the space where the appmenu should be when not using a titlebar because even though the appmenu isn’t drawn in window, Firefox thinks it is.