Global Menu Applet malfunctions

When you are on the desktop and in the global menu you get all the tabs, if you click on the desktop and click on desktop settings, it works badly because the system settings are opened and not the desktop. And in the second option that if it is the system configuration if it goes well because the aforementioned system configuration opens.

Top left you can see the place he was talking about.

In the greater scheme of things that is pretty minor. If anyone finds how to resolve then please shout.


Actually this has been resolved.

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Errr maybe I’ve read it too fast but @Hekhy 's note is not related to Firefox.

Maybe this → Add support for Budgie Desktop Settings · rilian-la-te/vala-panel-appmenu@3704eaf · GitHub ?

indeed - corrected the post link

Thanks for the information, well, I suppose we will have to wait until the creator of the global menu updates it.
This is a minor problem but it seemed good to comment on it since we are looking for the growth of the system.

If you talk about the link that @fosfreedom has shared, if you have read it very quickly XD, there it talks about firefox but as another problem related to global menu, you have to read at the beginning the second message perfectly explains the error that I receive, but how do I know? comments there the creator of the global menu has to update it.

Yes. I know. Fossfreedom has corrected his post link meanwhile :wink:

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