20.04 - Firefox not affected by Global Menu applet

I just updated to Ubuntu 20.04 and it seems that Firefox (version 77) is no longer using the Global Menu. Instead, the Global Menu shows the standard basic menu and the Firefox menu appears in window when pressing Alt.

Anyone else is affected or has a solution?

Canonical no longer patch firefox with a menu suitable for global menu users


They have done this because the patch was very hard to maintain with the constantly changing firefox source code and the frequency of firefox updates.

So it’s a cannonical/firefox issue rather than appmenu or budgie issue?


Yes - its an intentional change made by Canonical.

I’ve looked around a bit and it seems opensuse also makes a patched version available through AUR but I’d have to move over to an opensuse or an Arch based distro to access it and I don’t think I’m ready to make that change…

Another solution would be to have Firefox actually support global menus on Linux which would be tricky to get.

I far as I understand it Mozilla have no intention to support global menu’s.

As to AUR’s - you are highly dependent on the person who is maintaining it - in their own time.

So really its a dangerous position to put such trust into one person on such a security conscious piece of software.

Maintaining browsers requires a full-time position!

That’s a problem I guess. Global Menus are bloody useful but, although the already support it on macOS, it is much more difficult on Linux due to its more customizable nature. That being said, CSD now works perfectly so…

It’s something, I guess?

Well… the image button is there.

Or the pseudo CSD mode in Firefox ( I still prefer pixel-saver + global-menu applets ).