[SOLVED] Inconsistency in behaviour and design on UB 18.04 vs. UB 20.04

I’m dual booting UB 18.04 and UB 20.04 and I noticed some inconsistency regarding the design and the Global Menu applet, particularly Firefox and Files.

I attached some screenshots and as you can see, on UB 18.04 the global menu works just great especially for Firefox (which I guess is tricky to get working for this applet!) but the control buttons (Close, Maximize and Minimize) disappeared! It’s the other way around on UB 20.04, the global menu is not working but the control buttons are.
As for the “Files” application the control buttons are inline with the toolbar on UB 18.04 which looks cooler but on UB 20.04 they are positioned in the title bar which looks like a waste of space! I am aware of the fact the on UB 18.04 we’re using Nautilus while on 20.04 a switch to Nemo was made, but if there was a way to theme this like 18.04 or inline control buttons for as many as applications possible, it would be great.

Kudos to the team for bringing Budgie to Ubuntu,
Thank you.

You may not be aware that Canonical patch firefox heavily because they were still supporting Unity at 18.04.

They are no longer actively supporting Unity in 20.04 and thus many apps they have been removing some/all of their patches. This includes firefox under 20.04. This makes life for packagers much easier.

As to nemo and styling. That is as far as we can go - its a cots app and the upstream for nemo do not support client side decorations as per nautilus.

Dont forget you dont have to use nemo. You can replace it with nautilus if you wish.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

No I didn’t know that, it makes sense now, so we better ask Mozilla to support this in a design level rather than trying to hack it to work, right? Are there any feature requests for this on Mozilla so we can vote it up?

I know I can replace Nemo with Nautilus but Nemo is user friendlier and I’m glad you made a switch to it, so I guess I have to trade cosmetics for newer software for now.

Thank you.

Not sure about menus on the Mozilla bug tracker. I wouldn’t be surprised that the issue hasn’t already been raised already.