Brightness And Night Light Controls Not Working In 20.04.1

I recently switched to Budgie from Zorin OS and I just love it. Everything works fine, except for the brightness control and night light. When I tried xbacklight it works perfectly and the brightness level changes. How to make the brightness control adjust when I use the brightness keys on my laptop?

Same is with night light. It does not work when I turn it on in gnome-settings

I am running the nvidia driver because my card is really old (a G210m) and the whole os laggs when I use the noveau one :frowning:

Guessing a kernel issue here - or something specific to the proprietary driver.

Just to say though - there is a brightness applet you can add to your panel - Menu - Budgie Extras.

Did you try this suggestion? - might work for your graphics chip

I tried that, but after changing that my pc would not boot, I had to revert the changes for it to boot.

Seems like I have to use xbacklight instead :frowning:

Do make a bug report. It does sound like a bug.

If it’s a kernel issue then

ubuntu-bug linux

Uninstall the nvidia driver via Menu - Hardware Drivers and just run with nouveau after a reboot… if the brightness doesn’t work then the kernel is the likely culprit IMHO. Add that but if testing time the bug report.

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