Night light going crazy

Hi there, hope this is the right place feel free to move if not.

My night light is going absolutely crazy on my laptop and it is starting to get very annoying. The colour temp will go from cold blue (day time) to warm red (the night light setting) randomly and it is very jarring.

My settings are sunrise to sunset automatic. What could be happening? Or how can I capture more information to debug this?

Edit: Ubuntu Budgie 18.04

There is a known issue upstream when the night light turns off when gnome screensaver kicks in … or sometimes when resuming from suspend.

Is your issue really random or is it because those known issues?

Yes, you’re right. I noticed it when resuming from suspend.

Do you have the upstream bug that could track?

Thank you.


Some people are reporting this following workaround should work:

killall gsd-color

This kills the monitor colour profile capability from GNOME - most people don’t use that I’m guessing.

If that works for you suggest wrap the above into an autostart script - something like

sh -c 'sleep 10; killall gsd-color'

Same issue here.
Ubuntu Budgie 18.04