Brightness And Night Light Controls Not Working In 20.04.1

I recently switched to Budgie from Zorin OS and I just love it. Everything works fine, except for the brightness control and night light. When I tried xbacklight it works perfectly and the brightness level changes. How to make the brightness control adjust when I use the brightness keys on my laptop?

Same is with night light. It does not work when I turn it on in gnome-settings

I am running the nvidia driver because my card is really old (a G210m) and the whole os laggs when I use the noveau one :frowning:

Guessing a kernel issue here - or something specific to the proprietary driver.

Just to say though - there is a brightness applet you can add to your panel - Menu - Budgie Extras.

Did you try this suggestion? - might work for your graphics chip

I tried that, but after changing that my pc would not boot, I had to revert the changes for it to boot.

Seems like I have to use xbacklight instead :frowning:

Do make a bug report. It does sound like a bug.

If it’s a kernel issue then

ubuntu-bug linux

Uninstall the nvidia driver via Menu - Hardware Drivers and just run with nouveau after a reboot… if the brightness doesn’t work then the kernel is the likely culprit IMHO. Add that but if testing time the bug report.

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seems I also have an issue with the Night Light. It doesn’t respect the schedule. I need to switch it on/off manually. I’m on Radeon Renoir graphics driver

This may be due to a common misunderstanding of how the Night Light works, if it the mode actually works, but just won’t follow a schedule…

The important note is that the switch does not actually turn the Night Light on or off. What it really does is it turns the automatic schedule on and off. In other words, if the switch is off, Night Light mode is disabled. It will not come on at all - the schedule will be ignored. If the switch is on, it should follow the schedule.

So, to have it come on and off automatically, the switch needs to be left on, and the times need to be set. If using the Sunrise to Sunset schedule, Location Services in the Privacy Settings needs to be on.

If the switch is being kept on, yet the night light still does not turn on and off at the desired times, then I apologize, I am not sure what that issue would be.

thanks, my location services were actually disabled. i’ll see if this changes things. Currently I don’t see any app that has access to it, might take some time to catch up