Budgie 11 - News and status

I’m opening this thread to discuss everything related to Budgie 11, whenever it comes.
I’m not expecting anything specific, just for it be used as a general thread around Budgie 11 while ramping up to it. Development state, news, suggestions, anything is good.

samlane mentioned it in a different topic, and before it becomes the new Doom 4, does anyone have any clue about the state of development?
I’m reading Solus blog every now and then but haven’t seen anything about it lately. It’s been discussed for 3 years if I’m not mistaken and there are quite a few expectations around it and big rewrites (Mutter should be ditched). So yeah, sharing info along the way would be great.

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Replying to myself but I believe it’s interesting to share.

Came upon this topic this morning from about 6 months ago where a well known Solus and Budgie dev is giving some insight about Budgie 11:


To clarify, Budgie is NOT based on GNOME Shell. Budgie uses gnome-settings-daemon, GTK, and Mutter. It’s written with GTK, C, and Vala, whereas GNOME Shell is written in C, St, and JavaScript. Budgie 11 isn’t going to use any GNOME applications, its settings daemon, or Mutter. May not even use GTK (but rather EFL).

11 might be a totally different beast.
EFL stands for Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

-So, is Budgie 11 actually going to happen?

-Yes however it is not a priority over other aspects of Solus development.

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More news about the future of Budgie 11.

Given the state of GTK4, GNOME’s intentions with regards to theming and it opening the door to fragmentation, proposed changes for GTK5, and lack of confidence that GNOME is producing an equitable ecosystem for the Linux community, Solus will be working to build an ecosystem with EFL. Budgie 11 will not be using GTK.

Read more at Building an Alternative Ecosystem | Joshua Strobl

Source: Building An Alternative Ecosystem - Solus Forum

If EFL gives the same kind of familiarity while allowing gtk and Qt app’s to look coherent, that sounds very interesting.

Would be very nice to have something « new » and pretty, outside of usual gnome and plasma realms.

Guess it’s a heavy challenge though. Will that help about today’s support of multiple monitors / because of weird panels boundaries in Budgie ?

Does using EFL mean a total rewrite of every / many / little components of DE ?

Or does it mean Ubuntu Budgie might stay with non EFL Budgie ?

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All good questions. I’m as much in the dark as you.

That depends on the community … kind of difficult to say without actually seeing what progress has been made. As to when - who knows? No time-lines makes planning impossible.

In the mean time - lets concentrate on the here and now - what we all can do to make & do stuff better for all concerned with the tools & resources available.


Many share his views if you take the time to read forums and comments sections. Me included. He totally nailed how Gnome is slowly becoming a nuisance to the Linux ecosystem and a limiting factor. They are on the wrong path. And it´s not even subjective.

From the read and the current status (still at investigation level on many aspects) though, 11 doesn´t seem to be coming anytime soon. But I really hope they can become an opposing force to the intolerant disaster (mindset-wise) Gnome is turning into.

I fully back his choices and explanations, and I think it can really be a smart move for the future. It makes me really hopeful for Budgie.


So we can expect Budgie 11 in another 3 years then. This is going the way of Elementary OS. Just fork GTK if you want to make changes to it.

I’m not familiar with EFL. What kind of look and feel can we expect? Enlightment looks ancient IMHO, and I really dig the current look and feel of the budgie desktop…

I gather that the intention is to have the same look and feel as now. Capabilities are to be reworked and to resolve some long-standing issues to provide a more enhanced user experience.

So ignore “enlightment desktop” screenshots.