Budgie Desktop installed but not in the Login Options

I am helping a friend of mine to install UB. He is trying it as a second DE option for Linux Mint.

Installation went smooth as usual from the command line by typing : sudo apt install ubuntu-budgie-desktop, but after logging out and back in and restarting there is no UB desktop option in the login screen, just two different Cinnamon environments.

Trying to reinstall UB returns : ubuntu-budgie-desktop is already the newest version.

Any hint?

Linux Mint isn’t a variant that we support because it does very weird packaging stuff - holding back stuff when it shouldn’t. So not really sure why the meta ubuntu-budgie-desktop didn’t work. Certainly would on official ubuntu and the official flavours.

That being said - check that budgie-lightdm-theme is installed.

Then force a reinstall of budgie-desktop i.e.

sudo apt install --reinstall budgie-desktop budgie-core

Re-installation solved the issue partially … after a new logout - login, UB was gone again from the login menu. A complete installation from scratch will probably be the best …

Thanks for looking into this

A while ago I figured out how to install ubuntubudgie/backports on Linux Mint.

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Thanks for sharing …