Budgie file manager issue with display of icons

I am using 18.04 in Virtual Box.
If I open file manager, maximize and minimize it, browse to some folders, suddenly the icons are not rendering properly.
this even happens in terminal tilix where man pages for a command are not rendering properly. I have to use mouse to move around then it will display text/icons.
harish pathangay

Hi and welcome.

Sounds like you need to install the virtual box guest additions. Ensure your VM graphics is set to 128Mb and try switching on 3D graphics acceleration.

Thanks very much for your kind reply.

I tried with 3D Acceleration ON in VBox. Issue not observed. I do not remember why I turned it off. My Bad.

Will remember to keep setting ON always.

Thank you so much for your quick response and apologize for my late reply.

Harish Pathangay