Desktop dont Respond

Hey, I do not know if anyone else has or had the problem.
But for me it was like after a while (days/weeks) my desktop became unresponsive, I mean the icons were no longer clickable or the normal desktop settings were no longer available.
I have found a way how to fix it, but would like to know why and why the error occurs, if someone has the same error, I can gladly write the command with purely

(The problem is because of “org.buddiesofbudgie.budgie-desktop-view”)

Assuming you are using Ubuntu Budgie as delivered, the desktop solution is managed by Nemo. You should not use budgie-desktop-view is conjunction with nemo-desktop. So either uninstall budgie-desktop-view or you can use budgie-desktop-view but uninstall nemo and use another file-manager such as nautilus