Nemo Desktop Settings

Hi everyone!

I recently reinstalled Budgie using saves from an older desktop of mine since I changed laptops. Everything is running fine (or at least as well as it did before (there are a few bugs I should report since 19.04)) but for some reason, I can’t seem to find the nemo-desktop settings. I know they exist and control, amongst other things, icon size and padding but I can’t find it on my new install. I may have forgotten were it is (since I have spent 2 months without Budgie and haven’t use nemo-desktop’s settings in quite a while) so can anyone point me in the right direction (in case this is not a bug)?

With 19.04 desktop settings are controlled via dconf-editor - navigate to org.nemo.desktop

For 19.10 I’ll be readding desktop settings support via the budgie-desktop-settings GUI

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