Icons disappeared in nemo(SOLVED)

Hello guys. I’m having a problem because I use Ubuntu Budgie and it uses nemo as the file manager. But, I do not know where I saw that there was a button somewhere that disabled the desktop, now I can no longer see the icons on the desktop. Has a button in dconf that enables the buttons but are the folders and files in my / home / user folder

Not sure what you did and where, but:

gsettings set org.nemo.desktop show-desktop-icons true

should fix it.

this command show the /home/user folder, I just want he show the /home/neto/workspace


That will switch on the desktop icons - i.e. everything in the Desktop home-folder - or the equivalent translation of Desktop

If you have changed your Desktop folder to “~/workspace” then I’m guessing you have changed the XDG_DESKTOP_DIR value in ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs

For me its XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/Desktop" so I expect you want XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/workspace"

my file /.config / user-dirs.dirs it’s normal according to the name of the common folders. But the icons on desktop it’s of the /home/user instead follow the folder /home/user/workspace

Please copy paste the contents of the file here


This file is written by xdg-user-dirs-update

If you want to change or add directories, just edit the line you’re

interested in. All local changes will be retained on the next run.

Format is XDG_xxx_DIR="$HOME/yyy", where yyy is a shell-escaped

homedir-relative path, or XDG_xxx_DIR="/yyy", where /yyy is an

absolute path. No other format is supported.

XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/Área de Trabalho"

Your desktop folder is $HOME/Área de Trabalho

It isn’t $HOME/workspace

If you have deleted the folder $HOME/Área de Trabalho then the desktop will default to $HOME

and how I fix this ? because my $HOME/Área de Trabalho is not deleted

Have anyone help me ?

Please create another account and log in - test that all is ok with desktop icons. Need to confirm that your current system is still working correctly - and that this is limited to your current account

in the discourse of ubuntu budgie ?

Another user account on your desktop/laptop install of ubuntu budgie

oh ok, but I have already done this and when I logged on new user, he criated the user with some fails, some things are missing. But I will try again

Yeah, the problem of the icons of desktop it’s in my current account, somethings failed in the login, but I think that’s can be fixed

Try resetting nemo settings:

dconf reset -f /org/cinnamon/
gsettings reset-recursively org.nemo

Then logout and login

thank you so much, It took a while to get this resolved, but with your help I was able to