Not trash / home icon on desktop of 19.04?

Upgraded to Ubuntu 19.04 and my desktop icons disappeared. There is no way that I can find to re-install them. Has anyone a solution for this?

Desktop icons in 19.04 is made available via nemo-desktop

If you type nemo-desktop in a terminal does your desktop reappear?

I would like to get back desktop icons as well, I only had Trash on desktop, but disappeared after upgrade to 19.04. Cannot find any setting to reaneble. nemo-desktop in Tillix says:
“** (nemo-desktop:31084): WARNING **: 13:43:19.660: Desktop already managed by another application, skipping desktop setup.
To change this, modify org.nemo.desktop ‘ignored-desktop-handlers’.”

That message means that you have a process that has claimed that it is the “desktop” - so nemo-desktop says “I’m not going to run because something else is managing the desktop”.

You need to identify what that process is and then add it to the nemo “ignore-desktop-handlers” key so that it starts up ignoring that process.

If the info returned also has _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE(ATOM) =_NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DESKTOP then that process is claiming to be a desktop handler.

gsettings get org.nemo.desktop ignored-desktop-handlers

['conky', 'Showtime', 'desktop_weather']

use xprop

click on the GUI thing that is on the desktop - look for “WM_CLASS(String)” - one of the names returned will need to be in that dconf key above

Wait, wait… While your pieces of advices sound right, here is maybe a thing :

What happens with handling icons on desktop when you do a whole system upgrade from 18.10 to 19.04 ?
Do Nautilus and all its configurations get deleted ? And does Nemo then fully « replaces » it ?

Desktop icons should be recreated via Nemo-desktop. Placement order will be different.

Remember Nemo is not nautilus. They now behave very differently and configuration stuff is different.

It’s highly likely that nemo-desktop is not autostarting … and that’s what needs digging into.

Reading this post reminds me of my issues in doing an upgrade from 18.10 to 19.04 two weeks ago. The laptop was pretty basic with only a half dozen apps installed. The first issue was that there were no desktop icons e.g. trash can. This was fixed with dconf editor. The second issue was that Nautilus was not uninstalled. So, the desktop was handled by Nemo and then files app was Nautilus. I also noted that the icon view in files aka nautilis showed very large icons.

@makitso During upgrade Nautilus is not uninstalled, it says so in the upgrade notes, you can remove it though and use only Nemo.

I’ve a fresh installation of 19.04, typed nemo-desktop, but nothing happens.

Use Budgie Desktop Settings - Desktop and switch on the home icon/trash icons

ah wait - for 19.04 - yeah you’ll need to use dconf-editor and look somewhere in org.nemo or something like that to switch on those icons.

In 19.10 I have patched budgie-desktop-settings to enable/disable those icons via the desktop tab.

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I prefer wait for 19.10