Showing 2 desktops after 19.04

So after I installed 19.04 I have been getting 2 desktops. I had the Active Desktop installed before from the “Help test “Active Desktop” for 19.04” thread that I forgot to uninstall. Any help on how I can fix it?



ok - the image didnt show anything.

I assume you are referring to both “Active Desktop” aka “DesktopFolder” and nemo-desktop running?

If you dont want nemo-desktop running, have a quick look at this thread - Hide Desktop Icons in 19.04

hmm whats the difference between the two? I cant seem to be able to interact with the nemo desktop. I disabled it now. The preview should work it works for me.

Nemo-Desktop plays the role of desktop icon handling that nautilus 3.26 used to-do.

You cannot have both nemo-desktop and DesktopFolder running at the same time - so yes, you cannot interact with the nemo-desktop until you stop DesktopFolder from running on logon.

nemo-desktop is meant to be a stop-gap until 19.10 when DesktopFolder will replace it. But - big but - if DesktopFolder isn’t up-to the quality and expectations for 19.10 then nemo-desktop will be the default desktop icon handler for 19.10 & 20.04 LTS.

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