Dual monitor behaviour - Separate icons on separate monitors

This seems to be another feature that was broken / removed by switching from Nautilus to Nemo.

It seems that I can no longer keep separate desktop icons / folders on separate monitors.

Instead, it appears to be an ''all or nothing" approach where icons are either 1. Duplicated across both screens 2. Shown only on one of the two screens or 3. Not shown at all

I would like to see the original behaviour restored where different files / icons can be dragged across different screens.

Try the following:

gsettings set org.nemo.desktop use-desktop-grid true

This will give you a customize menu option when you right click.
Click “Desktop Settings” on the customize dialog and choose the desktop layout you want.

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Thank you, that worked! May I suggest making this the ‘sane’ default for Ubuntu Budgie’s Nemo settings?

I wish we could - the option stops the ability for users to move icons around unless they first go into the customise option and unticks that autoarrange feature. There doesnt appear to be a way to untick that autoarrange feature.

So the workaround in the other thread to give a right click menu option to enable the grid is a compromise - not what we would want - but better than the terminal action that has to happen now.