Issue with second monitor (19.04)


I have been testing out Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 and I cannot place icons or use the right click desktop menu on my second monitor. I can do both on the primary monitor, however when attempting to right click on the second i get a very small white box with no options. Similarly when attempting to add a desktop icon i can place and move it on the primary but cannot place it at all on the secondary monitor.

I have tested it on both Solus Budgie and Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 and neither one has the same problem, it only seems to effect Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 for me.

This is on a fresh install of Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 and I hope this is easily fixable as I otherwise love the distro.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be given.

Hi and welcome

using dconf-editor navigate to org.nemo.desktop and change the desktop-layout from true::false to true::true

I tried setting the value at true::true and it didnt seem to have an effect. I thought it may require a reboot/logout in order for the changes to work but on doing either the setting resets itself back to true::false. I ran the dconf-editor under sudo as well in case it was a permission issue with no luck.

Thanks for trying to help though.

how odd - changing the setting here and logging out/logging in retains that setting.

That setting controls how “nemo-desktop” runs with multiple monitors.

I’m wondering if this is a bug with nemo v3.8.5 that is installed by default. You can also try v4.0.6 which is the latest nemo which is available in our backports PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie/backports
sudo apt upgrade

Thanks that does seem to fix it (mostly).

Ran both those commands and then restarted the machine. After that when I right clicked on the second monitor the menu had only one option on it “Customize”. Clicking on that took me to a settings page where i could select to allow icons on both monitors (along with a few options to have the home directory, trash, etc on the desktop). Once I changed the setting and left that menu the second monitor worked the same as the primary one.

There are two minor odd things though, firstly if i drag an icon from one desktop to the other it simply creates a copy of the icon on the second desktop. When I delete one of the icons on one of the desktops, the one on the other desktop gets deleted as well.

Secondly the only way to get back to that “Customize” menu again is to use dconf to set desktop-layout back to true::false, then when i right click on the second desktop it again only has the “Customize” option.

They arent deal breaking problems but a bit annoying.


I don’t have two monitors so I have never used the capability.

Suggest file your thoughts upstream:

FWIW in my settings every time I tried to change to the default value and apply it, it reverted back to true::false. What I had to do was scroll down to custom value and set that to true::true. Once I did that and apply it saved the value and I had the menu on my second monitor. Thanks for posting this question. I would have never got there without it.