Ubuntu budgie disables desktop after restart

so, I have no idea what happened but one day I log in my ubuntu budgie and all desktop icons are gone, and when I right click on the desktop I only get 3 options
the solution I found to this is to use sudo apt-get reinstall ubuntu-budgie-desktop, all previous functionality is restored but when I restart my pc, same things happens.
I don’t want to reinstall budgie desktop every time when I restart, I would be thankful for any help.

also i dont have the desktop setting on budgie desktop settings

Hi and welcome

what version of Ubuntu Budgie are you running?

1.8.0 (amd64) version btw

Ok - so you are running 19.04 - there is no desktop-settings in 19.04

What is the output of the following:

ps -ef | grep nemo
nohup nemo-desktop &