Folders and zoom

Can anyone tell please tell me if there is a way to universally zoom all folders with one setting? I seem to have to zoom a folder such as “Files” but then when I create a new folder inside, it is at the original size and I have to zoom that too and so on.

Thx for any help.

You mean: set icon size recursively, right? Are you on 19.04? if so, which nemo version?

Hi and welcome

Which version of UB are you using?

If this is 19.04 (and I’m assuming you are using nemo)

Tap the Alt button to display the menu - choose edit preferences and then select the option shown here in the behaviour tab:

Thank you very much! It was the “Ignore per-folder view preferences” that did it.


I’m using UB19.04, Nemo 3.8.5.

In File settings I have set:
Icon view defaults to 150%
Behaviour “Ignore per-folder preferences” ticked.

In fact, having just gone in and out of the settings, it would appear that this problem is erratic, because all my folders are now at 150%. This was not the case prior to going into my settings 5 minutes ago.

Can you enable our backports PPA and see if nemo 4.0.6 resolves this?

Use budgie-welcome - recommendations

Not sure how to do that.
I have typed into tilix:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie/backports
sudo apt-get update
But nemo is still at 3.8.5.

Exactly that - dont forget to logout and login otherwise your current nemo will still be in memory.

remember to run

sudo apt upgrade


It does seem a lot better but changing the zoom doesn’t appear to be immediate. Closing Files (now Nemo 4.0.6) and opening it again produces a persistent result across logging out and back in.
Thx for you help.

PS I think the idea of accessing “Budgie Discourse” through the menu is brilliant and likely to be a selling point to newbies looking for to try linux. In my humble opinion much more should be made of this.

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