Nemo preferences

Hi Guys,

Please can you tell me how to enable single click file opening in Nermo. I can’t seem to find the preferences menu.

Many Thanks.

just tap the left Alt key or right click the toolbar area of nemo

Hi David,

Thank you for your quick response.

I’ve been away from the Budgie desktop for a while and I’ve forgotten some basic, obvious things.

One of the reasons I have returned to this excellent environment (aside from the brilliant work of the devs and the functionality of the desktop), is the forum.

I have never been on another forum (and I’ve been on quite a few), with such friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people.

The community is a credit to Budgie - and visa versa.

Kind Regards,


That’s better!
Single click FTW.
Thank you!!

( And so, how do you select one or many files / folders then, without opening them ? )