Nemo double click goes back

In the file manager, when I double click outside a folder/application icon while a folder/application is selected it sends me back to the previous directory. This is annoying when I miss click outside a folder/application by mistake.

When no folder/application is selected and I double click outside nothing happens.
Video to explain the issue better:

Think this is your issue

better explanation on the commit message

If you can test our 20.04 daily ISO (live session) which will have nemo v4.2.3 then it will confirm whether this is indeed the issue and that it has been fixed.

I would like to remove this action completely, is that possible? So nothing happens if I click on the background?

Have you tested the version on the daily ISO?

Not sure how to do that, will try later. But I thought maybe there was a background click action that sends you to the previous directory, guess not and its just a bug?

You’ll know if its a bug or not by testing the daily ISO - just download the ISO, write it to a USB stick and boot into it.

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