Unexpected / undesirable context menu / right-click delete behaviour

I understand this has to do with the switch from Nautilus to Nemo, but maybe this feedback can be passed along to the Nemo team:

Having “Delete” and “Move to Trash” in the right-click menu right on top of each other is REALLY BAD design. I already deleted something by mistake and now I can’t restore it.

I was able to work around it by opening File Manager (Nemo) -> Edit -> Preferences -> Behaviour and unticking ‘Include a Delete command that bypasses Trash’, however this unfortunately also breaks the shift-delete keyboard shortcut which should bypass the trash.

Instead, I have currently left it on and checked ‘Ask before moving files to the Trash’ which also seems to prompt before permanently deleting now.

All in all this is not naturally expected behaviour for users coming from Nautilus / Windows and it would be preferable to have it updated to behave like most desktop environments / operating systems (IE the old Budgie behaviour prior to the Nemo switch).

yeah - I agree with you.

There isn’t anything though that we can do here - feedback for this needs to go back to linux mint themselves. github.com/linuxmint/nemo

I’ll use your suggestion though for the Ask before moving option and will enforce this for 20.10. We may consider this for a backport for 20.04 if we get sufficient changes in this area from other bits and bobs.

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As another workaround you may remove the « delete » option from the right-click list, through Nemo’s preferences :

…then any deleted files should end in trash thus not immediately and definitely gone.

All preferences option are also available through dconf-editor :
org.nemo.preferences swap-trash-delete false
org.nemo.preferences enable-delete false
org.nemo.preferences confirm-trash true

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