Back : Trash applet follows link for deletion!

Hi !

Same as here :

But it’s the other applet from daily-ppa :

ii  budgie-trash-applet                   1.0.2+202201130947~ubuntu20.04.1            amd64        Applet allows access to trash capabilities for the Budgie Desktop

Deleting ( from /home/me/Bureau ) a symbolic link targeting /media/DATA/coeurnoir/Documents deleted all the content of the targeted folder.


Was it fixed with :

ii  budgie-trash-applet                   1.0.2+202201221547~ubuntu20.04.1            amd64        Applet allows access to trash capabilities for the Budgie Desktop


Nothing has changed between those two versions in this area.

I’ve tried a symbolic link to a folder in the home folder - deleting the symbolic link via nemo and then deleting the symbolic link in trash does not delete the folder it was originally linked to.

Next a tried a symbolic link to a folder to folder contained on a separate drive partition. Similarly deleting the symbolic link in nemo and then clicking in the trash applet the delete button next to the symbolic link does not delete the partition folder.

It happened to me.

I had to restore 90Gb of data.

And I re-try a day later, it did not happen again.

So… where to look at if it’s not trash-applet’s fault ?

not sure. I can only help if we both can find a reproducible method here.

Yes, wise.

Meanwhile, once again I can’t blindly trust trash-applet ( not a critic, I made the choice to use that version on purpose ).

Maybe that applet should be something « simpler » ?
⋅ left click on applet → xdg-open trash
⋅ right click → empty all or restore all
⋅ icon matching trash state ( empty or busy )

right click isnt discoverable - especially with most applets not having a right click method.

But in essence - yeah - could just reduce to the bare bones here of an applet - maybe listing stuff but leaving the emptying to the file-manager. Leave in the restoration option since that isn’t really a breaking change.

…my bad yes, it’s an applet not a « launcher » inside icon tasks list.

Then maybe create a special « launcher » for trash « in » icon tasks lists ?

We’ll you could do that yourself - thats just a .desktop file with Exec=xdg-open trash

…with matching icon for trash state and related actions on right click ?

Not that straightforward I guess.

correct - not easy. The icon full/empty on an icon-tasklist applet is a feature request for upstream.

Easier just to cover this in a trash applet update.

Found some old threads about trash .desktop, can’t say if it’s still usable.
Probably not.

Loosely related :

django@ASGARD:~$ xdg-open trash://
** (nemo:483010): WARNING **: 15:34:02.233: Current gtk theme is not known to have nemo support (vimix-dark-ruby) - checking...

Nemo does not like vimix ?

Wouldn’t worry about that - the list of themes is hard-coded in nemo - basically just the linux-mint shipped themes.