Problems with Trash and Places Applet

Hey there,

I recently switched over from Ubuntu Mate to Ubuntu Budgie and I love Budgie.

When i did some tweaking of my desktop and run into some issues:

  1. Trash Applet
    Whenever I try to empty my trash via the applet, the whole system freezes as already mentioned in Trash applets : freezes whole desktop while emptying?
    I could confirm that behaviour.

But there is another issue with the Trash Applet as well: I delete a bunch of files and folders. But one folder remains in the Trash Applet - even after emptying the trash it reappears shortly after in the applet.

  1. Places Applet
    I have deleted all for me unnecessary folder (like Videos, Pictures, Docs and so on) but they all appear in the Places Applet. Is there any possibility to change the folders that are shown?

Thx for your help and the great work with Budgie.


Hoping I got this correct; someone will correct me I hope :wink:

The applet uses the bookmarks you have to show you “places”. Did you also update you bookmarks in Files? I would assume you did not so do that and add some new bookmarks.

Thx a alot for your hint. That was exactly the problem with the Places Applet…
As I mentioned I am new to Budgie and did not know the config of the Places Applet via Nemo.

Do you have also a hint for me regarding the Trash Applet?

Thx again

look at the permissions on that folder that Trash Applet is not dealing with.


Thx again for your reply.

Strange thing. When I deleted the folder via the Trash Applet the folder wasn’t deleted at all. But when I opened the trash bin via Nemo the folder was still there and after deleting the folder within Nemo the Trash Applet don’t shows the deleted folder anymore.

Maybe a bug in the “Delete process” of the Trash Applet?

Thx again for your help, mike175de

Don’t really know. I would need to understand more details about the folder/its contents and permissions etc to have a chance to reproduce the issue.

The folder contained a few .ogg-files. And the permissions were the standard permissions (folder and files) for my current logged in user. Never changed the permissions.
so nothing special at all.

Suggest keep an eye on this - if it happens again then please let us know - need to see file names, path names, size of files etc etc.

I will.

Thx again for your help.

I appreciate that a lot.


Damn, I did not see that before.

I also confirm Trash Applet can’t delete some files or folders every now and then - and meanwhile those items will get corectly deleted by Nemo.

I also first suspected a problem with permissions, but I’m kind of used to deal with many users on one system, managing permissions, owners and groups, etc.

I’d say it’s more related to the « path » of such files and folders. Deleting ( with trash-applet ) works as expected as long you delete from ~/
Behavior is unexpected with places like /media/something or /media/$USER/something_else
Or maybe is it a matter of partitions, and then trash-applet deals correctly only with the .Trash on the same partition as trash-applet is run from ?

Probably related to Trash applet [!] when emptying, follow links?

And regarding Trash-Applet I think the problem is only with folder and not files. .zip or .tar will get deleted but not « regular » folder.

And this about name places sorting → Applications menu : incomplete keyboard browsing & no recent category - #30 by Coeur-Noir