Trash applet like Gnome

Is there an applet “Trash”? For example “trash

Not that I know of, from Budgie panel that is. On Plank it exists though. Most likely extremely quick to produce.

Perhaps then the developers add this applet if they see this topic. I myself can not do this.

Apart from Plank which has a trash can built it, you can also enable the trash can to appear on the desktop as well - use budgie-desktop-settings and switch on trash on the desktop pane

Maybe I did not say correctly. Dynamic icon “trash” in the tray. Like in a Gnome or Cinnamon.Screenshot%20from%202018-05-22%2014%3A16%3A39

sure - plank and the desktop icons are alternatives that you can readily use now.

I do not use Plank. In any case, thanks.

I use Bertoldia’s trash applet quoted by @Boogie_man in Ubuntu 18.04. Very convenient, its icon appears in panel only when there’s something in trash.

Trash always on desktop is rather ugly. For me desktop is the place for works in progress, so it’s half of the time already a mess no need for adding trash there :wink:

So I add my voice for a trash applet in Budgie panel.

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Team member has pulled together this applet is double quick time!

Everyone please have a look … Instructions to compile and install are here:

Let Serdar know your thoughts. Cheers.


Thanks! Works and looks good.

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