Recently used applet : style inconsistency?


using UBudgie 18.04 here.

Recently used Applet is styled differently than Places or Trash. Not a big deal but not consistent :

⋅ list position is too close to panel, and too low,
⋅ there is no arrow between icon and list ( I should have changed background to emphasize, sorry ),
⋅ mime icon type might be nice in the list,
⋅ icon in panel has a translucent circle background, as no other applet has.

This is an inconsistency with the Gtk toolkit - GTK Menu’s (recently used) look different from GTK PopOvers (places/trash).
GTK Menus was used because they are very easy to program with. PopOvers are a real pain in the a**.
Its would be an interesting project for someone to contribute to - but no plans by the team.

Please raise a bug report here

Recently Used: showing as installed here, but not showing available in Desktop settings??

Did you log out of your session and log back in? Newly installed applets will not show up until you do so.

A case of UI brownout - I forgot that there was another menu in the Applets/Add Applet!