Catfish File Search Gone From Desktop Menu

When I right-click on my desktop, I can see three options: “change background”, “displays” and “settings”.

A couple days ago, I had a few more options, including one that said “Catfish File Search” (and some others, I don’t remember).

Why are these other option gone now? Where they experimental and got eliminated during an update? Did I do something unknowingly to make them disappear?

You have turned off desktop icons … that is why those options have been removed.

nemo-desktop is the package that is installed in 19.04 and is normally autostarted.

Beats me … never would have thought about that side effect. Thanks for the quick response.

Is this effect intended, or collateral?

Catfish is really cool, I used Albert, but Catfish is way superior, quick, complete, no indexing needed.

Those options are part of UB’s Nemo configuration … so if you have removed Nemo or have disabled desktop icons then those options will disappear.

Thanks again for looking into this. I am using the “Toggle desktop icons” applet … a side-effect, I suppose