Budgie Pixel Saver broken with 10.5.2?


I hadn’t used Budgie for a little while. But yesterday I logged into 10.5.2 for the first time.

And Pixel Saver seems partly broken. The controls are displayed around one quarter of the screen from the left, almost as if they were in the centre position (while I positioned the applet left) and they don’t match the theme anymore, so I have 3 big squares in reverse order (as if the controls were on the right but I have them on the left).

And the title bar controls don’t actually go into the top panel.

Finally, it prevents the (intellihide) left panel from appearing with a pressure on the left side of the screen.

I use Budgie on a laptop so any vertical space taken back is a win, I have Unite enabled on Gnome for the same reason.

Did anybody have the same issue lately when updating?

Screenshot from 2020-12-23 11-13-03

Please describe your budgie installation.

What version of ubuntu?

How did you install v10. 5.2 of budgie desktop.

How did you install pixel saver?

What theme are you using?

What panel layout are you using?

What pixel saver options are you using?