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Adapta and Pixel-Saver applet



some pictures…

It seems that pixel-saver applet has some glitches in any theme - except Pocillo where it looks right :wink: and here with Adapta it stays quite beautiful - but becomes really awful with Arc, Ambiance, radiance…


Ambiance and Radiance are just GTK themes - they do not have the additional budgie CSS theme styling.

For all other themes that have budgie CSS styling, some tweaks will need to be made to accommodate the pixel saver. If you can I would suggest fork the theme from GitLab/Github - make the change and submit the change back to the maintainer. If you cannot make the change yourself, then raise an issue with the maintainer - maybe the maintainer will find a bit of time to tweak hopefully.

So for Pocillo - I made this small tweak https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/pocillo-gtk-theme/blob/f5d3f12100544bd4a10ad39708e91baa7ac7d872/src/gtk-3.0/3.22/sass/apps/_budgie.scss - search for “pixel” - to ensure pixel saver is themed correctly.


As usual, thanks for explanations @fossfreedom !
I’ll see what I’m able to do…

( but why ship themes that are known to not work then ? )


but why ship themes that are known to not work then ?

The team concentrates on one theme that we have defaulted to - Pocillo. We aim to make this the go-to theme for the distro. All other themes we make available for as a choice - but obviously we do depend on all users to help here to resolve issues.


In /adapta-gtk-theme-master/gtk/sass/3.22/ downloaded zip from github, there is a _3rd_party.scss file.

Is this where I should add

& .horizontal.titlebar { //budgie-pixel-saver applet
      background-color: transparent;
      border: none;
      min-height: 0px;
      color: $inverse_fg_color;
      box-shadow: none;

      & .image-button.titlebutton.close {
        background-color: transparent;

// transparent-mode
&.transparent {
  background-color: $alt_panel_bg_color;

How can I test that ?

And for reference : https://github.com/adapta-project/adapta-gtk-theme/issues/705


Instructions on how to compile the theme are in the README of that github repo.

I haven’t looked at where the budgie bits are in adapta. If they are in that file then yes add it there and compile and install using the README


Well… It seems it has been fixed upstream, even if I am not sure to understand Tista’s comment…


Adapta gtk theme has been updated today in my system and it is ok now !


Brilliant news! Well done to the excelllent maintainer :slight_smile:


Hey, I know this comment does not actually answer your question, but I was just wondering what applet is that? I have tried searching for a lot of pixel-saver applet but all I found does not work. Thanks!


install pixel saver from budgie-welcome - software - budgie applets