Theming with pixel-saver

Just a note regarding Adapta theme and Papirus icons : those are very complete, under almost any distribution, why not use them by default instead of reinventing the wheel ?

Adapta needs to revive, in quest of a new maintainer though. Same for Arc but it seems on good way.
( wish there was in Adapta an easy way to change the accent color - not fond of blue-green - and have the folders colored accordingly ).

Adapta is the only external theme where pixel-saver applet is correctly themed. Even Pocillo fails at it ( the X button is wrong ).

I have no interest in Adapta - there isnt a maintainer.

Papirus certainly should be considered.

No one has raised any issue on pixel-saver for Pocillo. Again - fixes if needed would be appreciated - sooner rather than later.

No interest ? There has been a lot of work behind Adapta and it just works !

Regarding pixel-saver, with Adapta-Nokto :

X button has same background as in title bar

Pocillo :

X button has a different background than in title bar, I expected the red-purplish circle

Arc :

X button looks correct but there are white borders…

Very offtopic but is that Panel, on the far left side? You use that as Panel + Dock replacement, pinning favourite and running apps?
Didn’t know that was possible. May I ask how?

Ok - pocillo fixed

Brillant you :wink: it’s strange but I really think you already fixed that in the past, around 17.10 to 18.04 transition…

@zilexa open Budgie desktop settings, add a panel on the left

then add to this panel some applets ( you can see what I put in there in the picture )

More applets can be installed through Budgie Applets ( in the main menu ).

@Coeur-Noir … I was just about to having a look at the Pocillo icon issue, when @fossfreedom gave the green light. I like to delve into CSS …

By the way … I like your wallpaper. What is it?

She’s Bo Peep from Toy Story 4 :grin:

So Disney ©’ed I guess.
Made it through Gimp from a picture found here.

Errr… sorry it’s almost fixed in 20.04.
The red circle looks like a potatoe, not a circle :wink: