Budgie-wm High CPU Usage Xrdp

So after some trial and error I got Xrdp working on the pi 4 but i noticed that Gnome system monitor was no longer installed for some reason. After reinstalling Gnome system monitor I noticed that with it running and my xrdp instance the cpu usage across all the cores seems pretty high with all of them fluctuating from 30-50% utilization. Thats with nothing else running

It seems like Budgie-wm is a big culprit of that. Is there a way I can reduce my CPU utilization? Thank you

CPU utilization - yes I have noticed on the Pi that budgie-wm can be fairly high with anything running. In this instance, it even seems like system monitor itself causes this high usage. (For example, with only “htop” to look at CPU usage, budgie-wm is typically around 5-10%. Once I open system monitor, it spikes to the levels you noted.)

We are currently looking at ways to trim down what is running on the Pi, and see if it can be optimized for these lower-powered devices. As far as specific suggestions for budgie-wm, maybe someone else on the team has some, but it probably is the nature of the beast right now.

In regards to Gnome system monitor uninstalling, thank you for bringing this to our attention. It seems like you have discovered an issue with xrdp. If you are using 22.10, we have dropped Gnome system monitor and have switched to Mate system monitor. The issue is that when using xrdp, System Monitor (amongst other things apparently) will not appear in the menu because certain environmental variables are not correct. You should still be able to run it with

This should be an easy fix for 23.04.

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