CPU reaching 100%

I re-installed ubuntu budgie.
But it runs slow, i open the system monitor and the CPU at the resources all 4 cores are at 100%(i have 2 cores), but when i check the processes the sum of all does not add up to 100%.
I haved used ubuntu budgie before without a problem and it run smoothly.
What it is?
Is it a virus or something else?
Thank you!

How much ram have you got?

Is this a physical machine or a virtual machine?

If physical what is your processor?

20.04 Ubuntu Budgie?

Use system monitor - click the %CPU to order by the processes using most process - what are the top 5 processes?

Intel i3 6006u

Here i open my drive using chrome

Could this be happening because when i installed it i used partitions only for memory swap and root?

is the issue only with Chrome?

It might be a rogue extension or two

I did not use any extensions
Also i am on youtube right now and it is not at 100%. Still a little slow thought

you didnt answer if this is a chrome issue - do you see the same with firefox?

What graphics do you have? if nvidia - are you using nouveau or the nvidia proprietary graphic drivers?

The pc is generally slow even when i have everything close
I use the embedded graphics card(Its a laptop)

Boot into a live USB session. How responsive is the system?

Hello sorry for the late answer i had to go to bed
I did what you said no problem
Also i gave 3 partitions(root,swap,home) and its working now good

Thanks for your help!! :grinning: :grinning:

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